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Welcome to the Official Web Site of Golaghat District Judiciary, Assam.


              The Golaghat Bar Association came into existence in the year 1891 for the invaluable contributions made by some prominent lawyers of that time. To name, first of all the names of Late Raibahadur Ghanashyam Boruah and Late Krishna Prasad Dowarah. Those lawyers who eastblished the Golaghat Bar Association had the vision that the Bar Association with active co-operation of some other lawyers they would establish which would be essential for the benefit of the litigant public of the Golaghat sub-division(now Golaghat District declared in the year 1987). At present 267 lawyers of Golaghat Bar Association has been rendering service in the district having 11 lakhs(eleven lakhs) populaton approximately.

           The Golaghat Bar is proud of having designated Senior Advocate namely Late A. K. Goswami(since deceased). The Golaghat Bar Association has recently elected its office bearers of the Executive Committee for a term of two years through Ballot for first time till its inception in 1891.

           The names of the executive members elected through secret ballot which is presently dealing with the affairs of the Golaghat Bar Association are as follows :
                    (1) Sri Mohendra Nath Dutta -- President
                    (2) Sri Pratim Kr. Dutta. -- Vice-President
                    (3) Sri Durga Prassad Jaiswal. -- General Secretary
                    (4) Sri Premodhar Bora. -- Asstt. General Secretary
                    (5) Md. Morjan Ali. -- Library Secretary
                    (6) Md. Abdul Mazid. -- Auditor
                    (7) Sri Popinder Singh -- Treasurer

           A Law College under the name and style "Golaghat Law College" has been functioning since 1979 which is producing young law graduates to enable them to pursue the profession of law.